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I. Title

Figure 1. (i.e.) Polar Bears Collage
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Why we chose this topic: WRITE IN THIRD PERSON

II. What this site is about

Figure 2. (i.e.)Alternative electric vehicle
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III. Important Vocabulary

1. Polar Bear-
MLA Citations
2. Federal Endangered Species Act-
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3. Global Warming-
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IV. RSS Feeds

V. Links to Valuable Resources About this Topic:

- Polar Bears International
This site was made by a non-for-profit group. It contains links and information about.... There is data about ....

VI. Collaborations With People Outside of Cary Academy:

VII. Multimedia (Self)

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VIII. Multimedia Others

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Video 1. 3 word title

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IX. Widgets

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X. Blog

Example Template:


Find an web article from a reputable news website that contains information about any type of projectile. The article must relate to some science topic this could include something having to do with the projectile of bullets or weapons but should not focus on killing!Write a short (1 paragraph) summary of the article and then describe how anything you have learned in the past week about projectile motion might relate to it (second short paragraph). Finish with a citation to the web article. Enter all of this under "Entry" below.


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